Mercedes Benz Wins Awards Year After Year On Quality And Driving Experiences

1 year ago Joseph Williams Comments Off on Mercedes Benz Wins Awards Year After Year On Quality And Driving Experiences

Mercedes Benz is a brand that has remained incredibly recognized for its excellence for many years. In the recent years, it appears to be on a roll taking into account all the top awards it has been winning against its top competitors like BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. 2015 was one of the best years for Mercedes Benz as they won in three categories at the “World Car Awards”. They won the “World Car of the Year” with Mercedes C-Class, “World Performance Car of the Year” with Mercedes AMG GT, and “World Luxury Car of the Year” with the S-Class Coupé. That was one of the best performance records in the history of the awards going back to the last 11 years. They are continually leading the way in Smart Car Development with the F 015.


Back in 2014 at the “World Car Awards”, Mercedes S-Class had also won the “World Luxury Car”. In 2012, the S 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY won the “World Green Car” which had been taken by E 320 BlueTEC back in 2007. So Mercedes Benz models have been consistently doing well at the prestigious awards even in the past. Throughout the history of these awards, Mercedes Benz has had a total of 6 wins, same as BMW, but Audi has had a total of 8 and beats everyone else so far. But things could easily change in favor of Mercedes if they happen to scoop awards like they did in 2015. Where Mercedes winning record has beaten everyone else at the “World Car Awards” is in the category of “World Luxury Car” after winning back in 2014 and 2015 with the S-Class Coupé.


The top engineering quality of Mercedes Benz as a world renowned luxury carmaker isn’t easily beaten by any other manufacturer. Some like BMW do offer a great challenge, but for many people it’s hard to tell how many automakers can do better than Mercedes. It sets quality standards that are respected throughout the industry and that is one of the reasons they often dominate awards. Most of their cars offer great performance and driving experiences. The AMG in particular is always one of the best high performance cars you can ever lookout for if you want to experience a great driving experience. AMG easily wins against most competitors in terms of its performance, craftsmanship and design. If your hobby is to test driving experiences of different cars, you must have the AMG in the list of your favorites.

The reputation of Mercedes Benz has remained solid for very many years because their engineering quality standards never disappoint. If you own any Mercedes Benz must be aware of that fact, so whenever you need Mercedes Engines, Mercedes Transmissions or even Mercedes Rims to keep your car smoothly running, you always have to make sure to buy the highest quality parts and don’t be “Penny Wise And Pound Poor”.  Today you can easily find such parts online for the convenience of getting any repairs completed successfully. Mercedes vehicles also win awards more often for being highly innovative. They include great technologies for a variety of functions that enhance overall performance, driving experience and safety. Now every new Mercedes model being made since the S-Class comes with almost every type of auto technology known to date. Mercedes E-Class is already semi-autonomous and if you would like get an idea of where Mercedes might end up in future, then find out about the F 015.